Water dispenser and bottle filling station

Elkay filtered ezH2O water dispenser reduce chlorine, drug residues, pesticide pollution, germs and heavy-metal polluted drinking water. Many harmful contaminants are being filtered for more tasty and healthier water.

Our Bestseller from Elkay is the innovative and award-winning bottle filling station single ADA cooler “Chigcago” (LZS8WSS2K) that produces filtered and refrigerated drinking water. The water cooler rapidly fills drinking water to quench thirst and minimizes plastic bottle waste in the environment.

Clean water can be so easily obtained. Just drop us a mail or give us a call!

From selecting the perfect unit that meets your needs, to making sure the water dispenser is installed right and running smooth we’re your one-stop shop.

How it works:

  1. Contact us by mail: service@aquadona.com or call +493034540206
  2. Information gathered and offer generated
  3. Delivery & Installation (if desired)
  4. Maintenance (if needed)