Drinking fountains and water dispenser for schools

A drinking fountain with a water connection (or also known as a water dispenser) provides schools with the necessary refreshment to be able to actively participate in lessons, because if you want to learn a lot, you also need a functioning brain. The human body consists of over 2/3 water. And without water, there is no brain power. It's that simple.

Drinking water regularly therefore promotes concentration and an aesthetic drinking water fountain promotes its use. That is why we specialize in particularly robust, low-maintenance and hygienic yet stem-safe drinking water dispensers specifically for educational institutions.

Students, teachers and visitors can hygienically tap fresh drinking water from such drinking water dispensers. The piped drinking fountains and water dispensers also ensure permanent availability of drinking water from the fixed water connection. This means that the carbon footprint of the school is minimized, as fewer plastic water bottles are being produced, transported and littering our environment. A water dispenser with a fixed water connection at school therefore stands for sustainability.

Drinking fountains and fixed water dispensers offer the following benefits at school

  • Provision of fresh drinking water
  • Water dispenser encourages you to drink water
  • high drinking water quality
  • Promoting sustainability
  • hygienic use
  • easy operation
  • robust structures
  • low-maintenance operation

At Aquadona, you will find various drinking fountains and water dispensers for schools. These special designs are made from sturdy materials and are easy to operate. Many drinking fountains work by emitting an arc-shaped stream of water to enable cup-free use. Other devices make it possible to draw water into vessels without contact. Optionally, chilled water can be dispensed for hot days, or filtered water if the drinking water in the region tastes of chlorine or has other contaminants. A drinking water well for schools can usually be installed barrier-free by mounting it on the wall at an individual height. There are outdoor drinking fountains as well as fixed water dispensers and drinking fountains for indoor use. This allows you to equip various areas in the school with a drinking water dispenser, such as the schoolyard or the canteen or the sports hall. It can be installed on the wall or on the floor by setting up free-standing drinking water dispensers for public outdoor use. These models usually have a more stable construction and are vandal-proof. Wall-mounted appliances require only a very small amount of space and therefore do not block escape routes. A water connection is required for the installation, as the drinking fountains are connected to the pipes. Some devices require a sewage connection and others have a collection tray for excess water, but a sewage connection is always recommended to minimize maintenance costs. A water dispenser with cooling or contactless operation also requires a power connection. Find out about the different drinking fountains and water dispensers in our Product catalog or simply give us a call.

Installing drinking fountains and water dispensers at school

Depending on the room situation and installation location for your building project, the drinking fountains and fresh water dispensers in the school can be installed differently. There are built-in wall water dispensers for wall mounting as well as free-standing drinking fountains for free-standing installation. Both variants take up little space in order to leave as much creative space as possible. These models are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Drinking water dispensers with vandal-resistant materials are recommended for outdoor use. The models are also available in various colors. In this way, a specific color can promote the acceptance of the device. The following water dispensers are available at Aquadona for schools:

  • Indoor drinking water fountain
  • Drinking fountain for unprotected outdoor areas
  • Free-standing or barrier-free wall drinking fountains
  • Water dispenser made from vandal-resistant materials
  • Drinking water dispenser with rounded corners (against injuries)
  • Many devices with contactless operation

Thanks to the wide range of products, we have suitable drinking fountains and water dispensers for almost all needs. Our service team will be happy to advise you on this.