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Indoor and outdoor water dispenser

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Ein öffentlicher leitungsgebundener Wasserspender

Drinking fountain

The EU Drinking Water Directive provides for high-quality drinking water in public spaces. This Act was implemented into German law on January 12, 2023 with an amendment to the Water Resources Act.
This German explanatory video is intended to explain the FAQs of public water dispenser and put the basics in a good old "German nutshell".
Hier der Link zum Video auf YouTube:

Perfect for architecture, municipal and city administration as well as urban construction projects

We are Europe's largest retailer for drinking fountains and water dispensers. Before you start your construction project, we will advise you free of charge on all topics from planning to operation regarding:

Legal and hygienic prerequisites & responsibilities

Innovative hygienic flushing system against stagnant water

Freeze-resistant systems

Vandal-proof models

Contactless operation via sensor or foot pedal

Your individual project

Barrierefreier, öffentlicher Trinkwasserbrunnen mit Wasseranschluss

ADA & child-friendly accessibility

Maintenance & servicing to prevent contamination

Costs of installation & operation

Self-sufficient systems

Your individualized drinking fountain in terms of color and style

Drinking water dispenser for your individual area of application

Whether you are looking for a pedestal unit or a built-in device for your building:
We have it all!
Europe's largest range of drinking fountains and water dispensers.

Benefits for schools, daycare centers, public institutions
and companies

Tap water is the most sustainable beverage

Water is the healthiest drink for our body

Less than 1 cent/liter for tap water is the cheapest thirst quencher

Entdecken Sie die Vorteile von Trinkbrunnen und Wasserspendern von Aquadona für den Innen- und Außenbereich von Schulen, KiTas, öffentlichen Einrichtungen und Unternehmen

Healthier drinking and less plastic waste with Aquadona water cooler

Öffentlicher Trinkwasserbrunnen im Außenbereich

Tap water is according toGerman Federal Environment Agency the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly beverage, because drinking tap water produces less than one percent of the environmental impact of mineral water. To be precise, it is approx. 100 times cheaper As bottled mineral water, has the Consumer Center established. In addition, for tap water, approx. 600 times less CO2 is being produced, in comparison to bottled water.

In order to reduce plastic bottle waste on top of that, we at Aquadona have set ourselves the task of further developing water dispenser (fixed water dispenser). A drinking water cooler in the company, office or school also helps to reduce plastic waste and increases health.

Our water dispenser stand for efficiency, aesthetics, healthy nutrition and clean blue oceans.

On the following pages, you will find our selection of  water cooler  and drinking fountains. The water pipes are automatically flushed every 4 hours so that bacteria and germs have no chance of multiplying. This reduces maintenance costs and increases hygiene.
By the way, we are the first in the world to develop the battery-powered hygiene system together with the American water dispenser manufacturer Murdock.

Just contact us — we usually respond within 24 hours on working days.

Benefits of our outdoor public drinking fountains

Low maintenance and long lasting

Has been proven to encourage people to drink water

Design a green and sustainable Environment

Safe against vandalism in public space

Contactless or contactless water tap

Automatic hygienic flushing without power connection

Barrier-free for children, adults & wheelchair users

Trinkwasserbrunnen an der Wasserleitung für Außenbereich

Aesthetic design and hygienic water circulation

Cheapest and at the same time the most environmentally friendly drink

Individual configurable in shape, color and additional equipment

High hygiene standards for safe drinking of tap water

Your significant contribution to the environment through a low CO2 footprint (tap water produces approx. 0.35 g CO2 per liter, bottled water causes approx. 200 g CO2 per liter)

Blog articles

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Sustainable, ecological water dispenser

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Due to the change in the Water Resources Act, which requires the increased installation of drinking water fountains, we have distilled down the content of our drinking fountains webinars for you to read here.

Water dispenser in a school Matisse

The Water Resources Act requires the increased installation of water dispenser, such as in schools and public institutions, in order to promote general health and protect the environment.

Public drinking fountain with EU flag

Public drinking fountains in the EU and DE reduce plastic waste and improve water access, but require strict hygiene measures.

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What kind of water dispenser models are there and which is suitable for what?

Designer water dispenser with water connection attached to the office wall

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Public drinking fountain in the city

Public drinking fountains are now required by law. The aim is to reduce CO2, waste production and make drinking water available to the general public.

water dispenser with chilled water

How can you offer chilled water quickly and cheaply?

Wired carbonated water dispenser

Which is smarter: buy water dispensers with a water connection for companies, or maybe rent them?

Wasserspender mit Wasseranschluss kaufen

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Water dispenser in office pantry

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Contactless water dispenser at the water connection in the gym

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Water dispenser with fixed water connection for industry and factory

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POU tabletop water dispenser in a conference room

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Free-standing water dispenser with fixed water connection

How do point of use water dispensers work and what variants are there?

Tap water saves CO2 and costs

Tap water from POU systems saves CO2 and therefore costs. Enough.

Water cooler with water connection in the company

Which solid water cooler is suitable for companies and what should be considered?

Technical Note — Data Sheet DVGW 274

Clear summary of the DVGW Technical Note — Data Sheet W 274 (M)

Drinking water well guide for health departments

Recommendations for monitoring drinking water fountains in Germany. Perfect guide for health authorities

Kontaktloser Wasserspender in Arztpraxis

Warum sind besonders in Arztpraxen hygienische Trinkwasserspender für das Team und Patienten eine Bereicherung?

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Wasserspender mit Kohlensäure und Wasseranschluss

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Tafelwasseranlage mit Sprudelwasser

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Water dispenser with water connection in public spaces

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Startup water dispenser with fixed connection in black

The most important information about buying and renting water dispensers with a fixed connection to the water pipe.

Leitungsgebundener Wasserspender mit Kühlung

Warum ist gekühltes Trinkwasser besonders im Sommer hygienischer und keimfreier?

Trinkwasserspender mit Sprudelfunktion für Sprudelwasser

Leitungswasser aus der Maschine - warum nicht gleich aus dem Wasserhahn?

Erdbeere im Sprudelwasser vom CO2-Wasserspender

Verschiedene Arten von Sprudelwasser-Spendern im Vergleich (mit CO2 karboniertes H2O) und was man darüber wissen muss

Water dispenser with water connection in the company

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Design-Wasserspender mit Wasseranschluss und Filter

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Free-standing water cooler with sparkling water

Why a fixed water cooler instead of gallon water?

Contactless water dispenser in hospital

How does hygiene and hydration work for staff and patients in hospitals?

Things worth knowing about water dispenser

Do you have any question or would you like to know more about our water dispenser? All FAQs about our water cooler can be found in our FAQs.

In unserem FAQ erfahren Sie alles Wissenswerte über unsere Wasserspender mit Festwasseranschluss