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References of our water dispenser projects

Here we have illustrated a selection of our German drinking water projects. As you can see, in recent years, we have come closer to the goal of installing more public drinking fountains with water connections.

For this, we would like to thank our customers, partners and all those who have invested their time, ideas and money in many great projects:

Gerrit J. Kubassa

Öffentlicher barrierefreier Trinkwasserspender mit Festwasseranschluss

Our vision: Free drinking water for everyone!

Here is a selection of a wide variety of projects that we have carried out so far on our mission to make drinking water available to everyone and everywhere free of charge in accordance with the requirements of the EU Drinking Water Directive [(EU) 2020/2184]. If you would also like to see your project in the glorious league of future-oriented makers, feel free to contact us!

Hamburg, Schweinfurt, food, Kottenheim, isles such as Juist, Borzburg & Spiekeroog, Teutoburg Forest Nature Park, VEOLIA and RHINE ENERGY, Kaarst, Nördlingen, Winterberg, Grefrath, Winterberg, Heimbuchenthal, luxemburg, Zirndorf, Neuffen, Leutershausen, Dieburg, Wildenfels, Stralsund, Maria Saal, Verl, Kastl, Bad Teinach-Zavelstein, Neuruppin, Nordhausen, Unterneukirchen, Preußisch Oldendorf, Atting, golf courses Gutlerchenhof etc. are already positioning themselves as sustainable pioneers.

Case study: 1,000 students and teachers for piped drinking water wells

While education is free in many countries, the market for private schools is still growing. Parents are willing to pay more than 25,000 euros a year so that their children receive more individualized care and can acquire skills that are not taught in public schools.

The Berlin Metropolitan School and the American School in Warsaw, Poland, are such private schools. There, students are offered both an American High School Diploma and the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The American School prepares students for colleges and universities around the world. In addition to the American educational standard, the school must also meet American sanitary standards and regulations.

The challenge

The American School installed standard drinking fountains with fixed connections all over the school just five years ago. Due to the C pandemic, it was ordered to deactivate all water dispensers out of fear of spreading viruses. However, abstaining from drinking water was not an option. The head teacher was looking for a solution to provide students and teachers with fresh, clean drinking water, and he needed the solution in just a few weeks — even before the school opened.

He did what anyone would do these days and googled his potential options first. On the first page of search results, he came across the Murdock drinking water dispensers. A telephone consultation then quickly clarified the situation and we set to work.

The solution

They met with the school management, visited the building and drew up a plan. This plan included 50 sensor-controlled H2O-to-go! ® Water dispenser with line connection (Edersee), which were installed at 25 locations.

In busy areas, such as outside the sports hall and the theatre, the water dispensers are equipped with meters to count the number of bottles filled daily.

From contract award to finished installation, the order was completed in just three weeks. The existing, free-standing devices had floor inlets and outlets. With the new units, the pipes had to be laid against the wall.

It was a very complex project to first remove the old equipment, relocate the pipes and then install the new equipment. You can imagine how time-consuming that was. But our team is very experienced and we did it in a week.

In addition to preparing and installing the units, water purification filters were added, the water was tested for purity testing by a third-party provider, and anti-slip mats with the school logo were procured.

The simple “Spree” outdoor water dispenser

A friendly hospital manager told us her wish for an outdoor drinking fountain that was as cheap as possible and yet stable. Since we sponsor one or the other educational institution every year, we have decided to let this daycare center also become part of our funding program.

The aim of our project was to make it possible for children to drink water free of charge and freely accessible. As a suitable outdoor water dispenser, the colorful model”spree“selected. This outdoor fountain is particularly suitable because it is both weather-resistant and vandal-proof. In order to be prepared for all future weather conditions and thus to keep the public happy for as long as possible, our “Spree” water dispenser model was attached with a ground anchor cast in screed.
In the first step of the installation, a pit was laid in the ground to existing water pipes. As mentioned above, the massive ground anchor was then placed in the screed. After the foundation had dried, the drinking fountain with fixed water connection was installed and fixed on it. After extensive cleaning, the device was finally “approved” and has since provided convenient access to fresh and clean drinking water.

There you go & you're welcome!

Gerrit J. Kubassa
CEO & owner
Aquadona GmbH