German funding projects for water dispenser

The Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) is providing 150 million euros in funding for the installation of water dispensers with a fixed water connection under certain conditions. The funding program is part of the federal government's COVID-19 economic stimulus package.
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BMUV to promote climate adaptation in social institutions. The existing funding for climate adaptation in social institutions was implemented on 15.05.2023 fundamentally reoriented and further developed and includes the following main change:
In particular, the objectives of the funding guideline have been adjusted. The funding guideline pursues the purpose of Incentives for sustainable and climate-resilient adaptation of social institutions by promoting exemplary pilot projects in social institutions, which through their Radiance encourage imitation. So-called measures that can be implemented quickly are therefore no longer eligible for funding. Instead, the focus is now on nature-based solutions, which are implemented on the basis of a climate adaptation concept. Drinking water dispensers can therefore only be funded as part of packages of measures, which in turn must be based on a climate adaptation concept. Funding for climate adaptation concepts is possible under funding priority 1.
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Promoting water dispensers — Why is funding?

The basic idea of promoting water dispensers is essentially to reward efforts that serve sustainability and environmental protection. Anyone who brings small plastic bottles to school or work every day, or even hoards large quantities of any drinks in deposit-free cans under their desk, admittedly do not contribute much to these efforts. Wired water dispensers therefore make a valuable contribution to the important conservation of resources. Anyone who buys such a device must be rewarded; that is the intention of the relevant authorities - but this has been the case since 15.05.2023 Only possible, albeit with other, nature-based solutions based on a Climate adaptation concept base, be implemented. Finally, in the case of piped drinking water wells, there is no need for significant expenses such as transportation, storage and disposal of bottled water.

Funding for drinking fountains — Who can apply for it?

The mere fact that there is funding for water dispensers does not mean that everyone can also use it. Eligibility is essentially limited to social institutions that are run by churches, municipalities or even independent agencies and aim at components such as social work and welfare.
In the following section, we will list what this means in detail using a few examples:

Educational institutions (schools and daycare centers)


Workshops for the disabled

Nursing homes/old people's homes



homeless facilities


Youth Welfare Institutions

Water dispenser funding — What amounts can be expected?

These funding funds from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) as part of the “Climate Adaptation in Social Institutions” funding program provide funding of up to 80%. A total of 150 million euros is earmarked for this item, which will be distributed to legal entities under public law without economic activity.

Conclusion on water dispenser funding

As you can see, there are a few good reasons to buy a drinking water well. Especially if it is a cable-based model and you run a social institution that also develops or has already implemented a climate adaptation concept. After all, with such a purchase, you are making a significant contribution to environmental protection and providing fresh water to many people in a public institution. The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety is therefore also honoring the idea of sustainability with its funding. Even though drinking water well production with fresh water connection is preferred as part of the subsidy or only these are considered at all, the variants with gallon are by no means demonized. After all, these devices are still much better than countless small plastic bottles that are spread all over the office or furniture in general.

How to get funding

Read the requirements for Water dispenser subsidy Good through. We will then provide you with a cost estimate for your drinking water dispenser - unfortunately we cannot offer more at this point in addition to the information below. If you are eligible to apply, fill out the appropriate sample form (see below) and submit it to ZUG gGmbH with the expected estimated costs.

Together, we will determine your suitable water dispenser or drinking fountain with a pipe connection, regardless of the manufacturer

You will then receive your personal offer

On the EASY online portal submit your application to the BMU

Describe your project in the ZUG sample application using a leaflet on the funding guideline”Climate adaptation in social institutions”. Please only use the form provided and ensure that the requirements are met

If your application has been submitted electronically, print it out and send it signed within 14 days to the specified address (the signature must be provided by an authorized representative)

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