Water dispenser with fixed water connection

In order for the body to remain efficient and energetic, you should drink at least one and a half liters of water daily. Our water dispensers with a fixed water connection offer a sustainable alternative to water bottles and therefore ensure regular water intake. In this way, we actively counteract pollution of the environment and oceans and raise awareness of the careful use of water as a resource. This works best wherever water dispensers with a drinking water connection can be set up. In the range of Aquadona For this reason, only wired water dispensers are offered for sale or rent. With these systems, the water comes directly from the water pipe via a direct connection and the user can tap fresh drinking water at any time. The water dispenser with fixed water connection then dispenses fresh drinking water and offers a range of useful features. Depending on the model and manufacturer, the features of water dispensers with fixed connection vary. Aquadona water dispensers with fixed connection offer the following and other features:

  • Direct connection to the water pipe
  • Barrier-free access for children and people with wheelchairs
  • Contactless/Contactless water tap for on the go
  • Capacity for 25 or more users per hour
  • bottle filler for “H2O 2 Go”

Benefit from these useful features and order one of the offered water dispensers with a fixed water connection from our assortment.

The equipment options of our water dispensers with fixed water connection

And our drinking water dispensers deserve a role model award in other respects as well.

Aquadona water dispensers offer modern equipment to meet various local requirements. Many water dispensers are therefore equipped with a thermostat to cool tempered drinking water down to 4° to 11° Celsius. A carbonated water dispenser usually offers not only sparkling water, but also cold water and drinking water at room temperature (so-called “ambient water”). With carbon dioxide, you can expand your offerings to offer your employees, visitors, guests and patients an aromatic alternative to still water through sparkling water. Consult the product descriptions to get to know the features of the respective models.

If you want to buy or rent a suitable water dispenser, you should stop by Aquadona, because on the website you will find various device models from well-known manufacturers such as Canaletas or Borg & Overström, which satisfy the most common customer requirements with their selection of devices. This marques produce the highest quality models to provide the best drinking water. For more information, visit the Aquadona website or contact our always motivated customer service!

Drinking water dispenser with direct connection - The details of the equipment

Many water dispensers with fixed connections offer various equipment options. The selection of the various water treatments is particularly practical. Cooling is a handy feature for dispensing chilled water at the push of a button. An adjustable thermostat ensures that cold water is kept at a temperature of between 4° and 11° Celsius. From sparkling water to cold water and ambient water at room temperature, the selection of individual models of our water dispensers with fixed connection is very diverse. In addition, some devices are optionally available with a UV filter or carbon filter to offer particularly pure drinking water. The details at a glance:

  • A selection of water refinements
  • Cold water at the push of a button
  • UV filter, carbon filter
  • CO2 refined drinking water

Convince yourself of the water dispensers with fixed connections offered by Aquadona before you blindly order from the nearest supplier. In our catalog, you will find various drinking water dispensers with fixed connections, which also meet your needs with their various equipment. You can find further information in the product descriptions.

Water dispenser with fixed water connection - The models at Aquadona

With Aquadona appliances, you can buy or rent robust water dispensers with a fixed water connection. Sometimes they last longer than we would like, because with a 10-15 year shelf life, we don't often sell to the same customers. The Elkay, Murdock and Borg&Overström models are high-quality appliances with modern, energy-saving equipment. From filter systems to cooling, these models are equipped to meet various requirements. In addition, some appliances can even prepare hot water, but we generally advise against this, as a kettle is simply better suited for this purpose. These drinking water dispensers have high output capacities to supply a larger number of people.

The following water dispensers with a fixed water connection can be found in the Aquadona range, among others:

Newa water dispenser — by Borg & Overström
Jade, cooling and carbonated water dispenser — by Canaletas
Niers water dispenser — by Borg & Overström
• and other models

See for yourself the good quality of the equipment on offer before you buy or lease a water dispenser with a fixed water connection. Our selection is of high quality and the devices offer sufficient features.

Water dispenser with fixed water connection in the application

A water dispenser with a fixed water connection can be used wherever there is a water connection. The devices save space and can be used in the office or in the doctor's practice. Water dispensers with fixed water connections are also often and welcome in daycare centers and schools. This also applies to outdoor or indoor public facilities. The models are most commonly used in the following locations:

  • offices, tea kitchens
  • medical practices, clinics
  • Schools, daycare centers
  • gyms
  • public institutions

From water dispensers for offices to water dispensers for medical practices, there are different areas of application. Suitable water dispensers with a fixed water connection are available here for various rooms and applications.

Areas of application for water dispensers with fixed connection

The water dispensers with a fixed connection can be installed in a wide variety of rooms. A water dispenser can be set up almost anywhere to offer users not only cold water but also aromatic water, as long as only a water connection can be connected. These appliances are standard equipment, especially in offices, tea kitchens and waiting rooms. Medical practices also have water dispensers with a fixed water connection, but these devices are characterized by increased, hygienic standards. This also applies to clinics or nursing homes. In the gym, these machines provide welcome refreshment, and in the shopping center, customers are kept happy with sufficient hydration, because only a vital customer likes to shop. The areas of application are therefore extremely diverse and can be found on our website.

At Aquadona, you can buy or lease a wide variety of water dispensers with a fixed connection for your application. In doing so, you expand your drinking water supply, ensure careful use of water resources and a pleasant atmosphere

Water dispenser with fixed water connection: The advantages and prices

Anyone who chooses a water dispenser with a fixed water connection can benefit from numerous advantages. This applies to the permanent availability of drinking water, as the water dispenser with fixed water connection ensures a permanent supply of fresh drinking water. Many models have large power capacities to supply water to more than 25 users per hour.

Other benefits include high drinking water quality. A water dispenser equipped with filters and a fixed water connection enables particularly pure drinking water, as almost all bacteria, suspended particles and loose substances are removed that cannot usually be filtered in a waterworks. Microorganisms and viruses are also removed by special filter systems. The systems are also very hygienic to operate and individual devices even have contactless water dispensing or a concealed dispensing area to avoid contamination by other users. With the fixed water connection, there can also be no contamination due to incorrect storage of water bottles, which happens more often than you think, because gallons or water boxes are often temporarily stored in cellars or other publicly accessible rooms due to lack of space.

Our drinking water dispensers are priced between less than 1,000 EUR and 2,500 EUR. In return, you get a solid stainless steel device that you can enjoy for a long time.
Benefit from these benefits and order your suitable water dispenser with fixed water connection from Aquadona. Don't hesitate to contact us! Our always polite service staff will be happy to advise you.

Here is an overview of the hygiene benefits of our water dispensers with fixed connections:

  • Drinking water permanently availablebecause the devices are connected directly to the water pipe
  • Bubble function and cooling system available: Sparkling water and chilled water can therefore be dispensed as an option
  • No need to buy water crates: The logistics costs for the procurement, storage and disposal of purchased bottled water are simply eliminated
  • No contamination due to warehousing: Tap water is the most heavily controlled food. Is every warehouse monitored just as well?
  • Drinking water from the water pipe: Good and cheap!
  • Filters ensure pure drinking water quality: Activated carbon filters can optionally improve the taste and filter water before consumption
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable: According to various studies, approx. 200 g CO2 on; for tap water, it is only 0.35 g
  • Optional hygienic rinse: Fresh water is flushed through the pipe every 4 hours to avoid stagnant water and thus protect hygienically perfect users and operators

Find out more about water dispensers with a pipe connection at Aquadona. Depending on your individual requirements, suitable devices are available to equip schools, public places in cities and municipalities and other places with drinking water dispensers.

Buy and install a water dispenser

If you want to install a water dispenser with a fixed connection, a water connection, sewage connection and, optionally, a power connection are required in most cases. We offer the appropriate connection cables as part of the package. To install some simple devices, you don't even need any expertise and just follow the instructions.

In addition to the technical requirements, there are further conditions for the water dispenser with fixed water connection with regard to the installation location. Bottled water systems and water dispensers, for example, should not be located near heating appliances. Direct sunlight should also be avoided. If you have any questions, always contact your local health department.

Water dispenser with fixed connection: Conclusion

Compared to water bottles, water dispensers with a fixed connection offer many advantages. With the fixed water connection, drinking water is permanently available to the user. As a water dispenser retailer, we thus offer a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles and you as a user will not be able to purchase water crates. By using water bubblers with a fixed connection, you can therefore avoid plastic waste and reduce pollution of the environment and the oceans. The efficient use of drinking water dispensers is another advantage over water bottles. Water bottles are often not completely drunk, such as during meetings. A water dispenser, on the other hand, only ever dispenses the desired amount of water, which is generally less than a full bottle, which is discarded after the meeting for hygiene reasons. This solution is therefore sustainable, efficient and therefore saves our resources. In addition, a water dispenser with a fixed connection cannot become contaminated due to incorrect storage of water gallons and bottles, because the piped bottled water systems are connected directly to the house connection of the drinking water pipe, meaning that there is simply no need to store plastic bottles.