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Outdoor drinking fountain for public areas

Here you will find reasons for installing piped drinking water wells for public spaces, such as the requirements of the EU Drinking Water Directive, which is implemented into German law by the Federal Government by amending the Water Resources Act.

The aim is to provide all citizens in public spaces with access to high-quality drinking water. This is linked to various funding and budgets, which are made available for sustainable projects.

Aquadonas drinking water fountains are safe against vandalism and weather conditions, barrier-free access and optional contactless operation and equipped with automatic hygienic flushing: Countless satisfied citizens (see testimonials) enjoy our particularly individual outdoor drinking fountains every day - and that for decades.

Öffentlicher Wasserspender mit FestwasseranschlussÖffentlicher Trinkwasserbrunnen im Park
Trinkwasserspender mit FestwasseranschlussBarrierefreier öffentlicher Trinkwasserbrunnen

Aquadona drinking water fountain - ideal for public spaces

For public areas, you should use wired drinking fountain models with sturdy, corrosion-resistant materials so that you can enjoy the device for a long time. At Aquadona, you will find Germany's largest range of outdoor drinking fountains with water connections and only get robust water dispensers for outdoor use made from vandal-resistant materials. These outdoor water dispensers are also weatherproof and are optionally available as a frost-resistant version, which you can use yourself even in winter. Our outdoor water dispensers with direct connection are available in a wide variety of variants, so that we have the right model available for almost all areas. Whether barrier-free, free-standing or wall-mounted, can be operated mechanically via push button or contactless via sensor/foot pedal, colorful in your individual color of choice or in pure stainless steel. Here you can really choose! If you have a special request regarding the color, we will be happy to powder coat your good piece in your special RAL shade. The coating for outdoor drinking fountains is also scratch-resistant and fading caused by sunlight is almost impossible. Our outdoor water dispensers usually have the following high-quality features:

Sturdy and durable materials: Thick-walled stainless steel or concrete/stone

Vandal-proof: Anti-twist protection of the drinking faucet, scratch-resistant surfaces and fixed floor anchoring

Corrosion resistant: Stainless steel and stone simply won't rust

Weather resistant: Scratch-resistant & safe against fading caused by sun rays

Easy to use: By push button or contactless via sensor/ foot pedal

Frost resistant: Optional frost protection valves for operation in winter, which also ensure greater hygiene thanks to a return valve

Optional hygienic rinse: Water is automatically flushed through the pipes every 4 hours and thus prevents stagnant water and bacteria — it couldn't be more hygienic

Barrierefreier, öffentlicher Trinkwasserbrunnen mit Wasseranschluss

Outdoor drinking fountains — The EU Directive 2020

Since December 16, 2020, the European Parliament has had a guideline to set up for the whole of Europe public water dispenser:

When a mayor sets up water dispensers in publicly accessible spaces, he complies with this EU Directive 2020/2184. The resolution based on the 17 sustainability goals makes it clear that the resource water is a human right and not a commodity and that the installation of drinking fountains for public outdoor areas and drinking water dispensers for public indoor areas should be promoted. This is already being done by the BMU with a recently extended funding program for water dispensers. At the bottom of this page, interested parties will find the entire Article 16 of the above-mentioned legislative directive.

A summary of the most important excerpts is available in our faqs.

Die Richtlinie des Europäischen Parlaments, die auf den 17 Zielen für nachhaltige Entwicklung basiert, verpflichtet die Bürgermeister, öffentliche Wasserspender zu installieren, um den Zugang zu Wasser als Menschenrecht zu fördern.

Outdoor water dispensers: Well prepared for the new 2023 legal situation

When drinking water dispensers are in public spaces, these must meet various requirements. For example, our outdoor water dispensers are made from corrosion-resistant materials. Optionally, an automatic hygienic flusher can be installed or retrofitted for Murdock drinking fountains, for example. This ensures that stagnant water is avoided by flushing fresh tap water through the pipes every 4 hours. All of our drinking water dispensers meet the requirement that drinking water must not be contaminated by water-distributing systems.

Many of our outdoor water dispensers have powder-coated surfaces with scratch-resistant properties and impact-resistant components such as drinking faucet and outer shell. When the outdoor water dispenser is left unattended, vandal-resistant materials such as stainless steel and concrete/stone prove to be particularly suitable. This applies in particular to the drinking faucet and the fuselage. In addition, our outdoor water dispensers are frost-resistant (i.e. do not have to be dismantled in winter) and are optionally barrier-free. The frost-resistant drinking fountains also improve hygiene, as they allow excess water to flow out of the tap after use and thus leave little habitat for germs and fours to reproduce. On request, you can also order your outdoor drinking water dispenser in different colors or design it individually. This is particularly beneficial for cities and municipalities if the city council prefers a specific color. In the product descriptions of the individual models, you will find a standard color selection of our outdoor water dispensers. If you have any special requests, simply specify them when ordering.

From Aquadona, you can order outdoor water dispensers that can be used in various public areas: Whether in a green area or on the public marketplace — public water dispensers are welcome refreshments in many different places, especially in summer — just talk to us and describe your construction project.

Outdoor drinking fountain in use

An outdoor fresh water dispenser should be as easy and hygienic to operate as possible. An arc-shaped stream of water enables cup-free drinking and thus saves plastic or saves trees. Optionally, in many outdoor drinking wells with a water connection, water can be filled into containers through a tap system. All public drinking water wells are safe against weather and vandalism. This characteristic is fundamental to all outdoor models. Many versions are operated by push button, but water can also be tapped contactlessly using a proximity sensor or foot pedal. With a columnar design, it is often possible to fill bottles. This is a clever additional tool for bottling water to go. Unhindered and barrier-free access should also be possible, particularly in public spaces. A free-hanging drinking pool is suitable for this purpose. For use in public spaces, the outdoor drinking fountain should have the following features:

Easy, hygienic operation: With a push button or via a sensor (both possible without contact)

Vandal-proof and weatherproof materials

Hygienic system: internal, automatic hygienic flush or return valve

Barrier-free access: floating drinking pool

Trinkwasserbrunnen auf öffentlichem Spielplatz mit Kindern

At Aquadona, you will find wired fresh water dispensers for public outdoor use that stand out with recommended features and hygiene measures. Our models are easy to operate and enable quick and hygienic dispensing of tap water. Feel free to take a look at our range of products without obligation and follow the information in the product descriptions.

Article 16 of EU Directive 2020/2184 of the European Parliament

“Access to water for human consumption (1) Without prejudice to Article 9 of Directive 2000/60/EC and the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality, Member States shall take all necessary measures, taking into account local, regional and cultural aspects and circumstances of water distribution, to improve or maintain access to water for human consumption for all, in particular disadvantaged groups and groups on the margins of society as determined by the Member States. For this purpose, a) Member States shall identify people, including disadvantaged groups and groups on the margins of society, with no or limited access to water for human consumption and the reasons for this; b) Member States shall examine ways to improve access for these people; c) Member States shall inform these people of the options for connecting to the distribution network or alternative means of access to water for human consumption; and d) meet Member States measures they deem necessary and appropriate to ensure that disadvantaged groups and groups on the margins of society have access to water for human consumption. L 435/28 EN Official Journal of the European Union 23.12.2020 (2) In order to promote the use of tap water for human consumption, Member States shall ensure that outdoor and indoor facilities are installed in public places where technically feasible, in a manner proportionate to the need for such measures and taking into account specific local circumstances, such as climate and geography. Member States may also take the following measures to promote the use of tap water for human consumption: a) provide information about the nearest outdoor or indoor installation; b) carry out campaigns to inform the public about the quality of such water; c) encourage the provision of such water in public administrations and public buildings; d) the provision of such water — free of charge or for a small service fee — to customers of restaurants, canteens and catering services (3) Member States shall ensure that the necessary assistance defined by Member States is provided to competent authorities in implementing the measures referred to in this Article.”