Water dispenser for office and business

Water dispenser for office: For greater efficiency in companies

Who wants their employees to be at least in office She must inspire her to work efficiently and be guided easily. Leading by showing is the motto.

Since the devil is known to be in the details, the far-sighted can entrepreneurs or managers underline their strategic leadership style with a constantly working fresh water dispenser that also looks good.

Thanks to their continuous willingness to work and energy-saving working methods, our water dispenser Good role models for how you can achieve your goals with a tap water connection: Through perseverance and focus on core competencies.

Water dispenser in the office - suitable features as required

Aquadona offers office water dispensers with different features for almost every need. With various equipment features, the range of types of drinking water can be easily expanded. With a thermostat, for example, the water temperature can be set between 4 degrees and 11 degrees Celsius. The optional, integrated activated carbon cleaning filter enables particularly good drinking water quality, because much that does not belong in the water is removed with a water filter. Individual models can also prepare cold water and carbon dioxide. The following variants are available at Aquadona:

  • water dispenser with cooling
  • Carbonated office water dispenser
  • drinking water dispenser with filters
  • Bottled water systems: table-top water dispensers and undercounter units
  • water dispenser with bottle filler
  • ... and other models with features that make your mouth water

Feel free to have a look at our Product catalog um. Our popular products are offered in an extensive range. Our service team can give you detailed advice and help you choose the right water dispenser for the office.

Office water dispenser - water of the highest quality

The drinking water dispensers offered offer high drinking water quality thanks to the optional filters. Individual models are equipped with a water filter that removes chlorine, suspended particles and microorganisms from drinking water. This results in particularly pure water quality. Since these are wired office water dispensers, where drinking water comes directly from the drinking water pipe, there are no costs and problems associated with storing water bottles or gallons.

An overview of the quality features of our water dispensers for the office:

  • high water quality thanks to optional water filters
  • chilled water and uncooled water
  • barrier-free models
  • contactless water tap for more hygiene
  • Wired water supply is sustainable
  • Employee motivation through an environmentally friendly company

Benefit from the high quality of the models offered, because our devices last for many years if properly maintained. If you at Aquadona Buy a fresh water dispenser for the office, you and your employees make a valuable contribution to protecting the environment and improve your CO2 balance.

Why order tap water dispensers from Aquadona?

At Aquadona, we advise companies independently of the manufacturer and do not gag them with maintenance contracts - unless they want to, because you can carry out regular cleaning and disinfection as well as the replacement of an optional water filter yourself every six months or, if necessary, order our maintenance service. We will discuss your individual requirements with you and then find a suitable model from various manufacturers. You will then receive your offer and, if you wish, installation and maintenance.

Why buy a drinking water dispenser for the office and not rent it?

During daily work, drinking water dispensers in the office can improve the well-being of employees and customers. Office water dispensers with a water connection ensure the permanent availability of fresh drinking water — directly from the fresh water pipe. Compared to bottled water, water dispensers with a fixed water connection enable cost-effective yet convenient water dispensing, unless the equipment is rented. You are spared the hassle of hauling heavy boxes of water and the lack of transport is also more sustainable. So you save CO2. To be precise, the average, weighted total emission factor of mineral water from plastic bottles is 202.74 g CO2 equivalents per liter. That of tap water is 0.35 g CO2 equivalent per liter. That has the Club a tip: tap Of all things. In plain language, this means that the consumption of tap water is around 580 times more environmentally friendly than bottled water.

Buying a drinking water dispenser is therefore an efficient, sustainable and hygienic investment to provide employees and customers with fresh drinking water, improve its performance and reduce your own costs.

The benefits of a water dispenser for the office in a nutshell:

  • Fresh drinking water permanently available: By connecting to the water pipe
  • No need to buy, transport and store bottles: because the water comes directly from the fresh water pipe
  • Cost-effective water supply: Tap water costs only approx. 0.2 cent /liters
  • Hygienic use: tap water is the most heavily controlled food
  • Easy operation: contactless via sensor or push button
  • For 5-50 users per device/hour: For small and large companies
  • Low maintenance: filter can be changed independently

At Aquadona in Berlin, we offer you various models so that you are happy to use your water dispenser in the office. Our products are wired and can therefore supply drinking water permanently. The most important requirements for most office water dispensers include a water connection and, if necessary, a drain. If you prefer a model with cooling, there must also be a power connection. Individual office water dispensers with bottle fillers are also available. This is particularly practical for filling larger quantities of drinking water when required. Other extras include sparkling water. A carbonated water dispenser thus expands the range of offers for your employees and customers to include sparkling water, which is very popular in Germany. You can choose between different models of wall-mounted and free-standing water dispensers, so you can perfectly adapt your office water dispenser to your spatial situation.

Convince yourself of the benefits of the products we offer. On request, our devices are equipped with cooling, carbonic acid or contactless bottle filler. Depending on the version, further features are possible. Find out more in the product descriptions of the individual systems or contact our customer service.

Conclusion: Office water dispensers and bottled water systems at Aquadona

Whether it's a water vending machine for the reception area or a water dispenser in the office itself — at Aquadona, you can buy a wide variety of models and designs. The product range also includes bottled water systems and special drinking water dispensers made of particularly robust materials for outdoor use. Depending on requirements and wishes, there are suitable water dispensers that dispense different types of drinking water in the office. Further details can be found in the product descriptions of the respective models. Feel free to take contact Join us and let yourself vendor-independent advise.