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Water dispenser for schools

We offer a manufacturer-independent selection of the most popular water dispensers and drinking water fountains with water connections for schools. With or without cooling and water filters, contactless or mechanically with a push button, barrier-free for indoor and outdoor use and, if desired, vandal-proof.

Hundreds of satisfied schools (see testimonials) have already been impressed by our school water dispensers.
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Wasserspender am Sportplatz mit FestwasseranschlussWasserspender mit Festwasseranschluss für Schulen und KiTas
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We refresh schools with sustainably tapped drinking water

Drinking enough water has a positive effect on our health — and I'm sure we all agree on that. However, drinking enough water is of particular added value, especially for children and adolescents, as this preserves the ability to concentrate. M

With a water dispenser at school, students always have fresh water available - and in a very sustainable way! As a result, students learn how to drink properly at an early age and practice early on. At Aquadona, we have set ourselves the task of using water as a resource even more carefully and to further reduce the world's plastic waste. For this reason, you will find many different fresh water dispensers in our online shop with connection to the water pipe for schools, universities or other educational institutions that are not only efficient, but also look aesthetically pleasing and last a long time.

Whether for indoor or outdoor use, we offer the right drinking water dispenser for every need, giving the next generation a little more sustainability. So if you donate school water: You've come to the right place!

Schülerinnen am kontaktlosen Wasserspender mit Wasseranschluss

These are the benefits of water dispensers & drinking fountains in schools

If you are looking for a high-quality drinking water dispenser for your school, then you've come to the right place. In our range, you will find robust and hygienic systems for direct connection to the water pipe, especially for schools. But why should water dispensers be installed in schools at all? Be inspired by the following benefits of a school water dispenser:

Constant availability of fresh water in a sustainable way: Direct connection to the water pipe

High drinking water quality: Tap water is the most heavily controlled food

Hygienic use: Automatic hygienic flushes against stagnant water & bacteria are available as an option

Easy to use: With a push button, contactless via sensor or foot pedal — it couldn't be easier

longevity: Our range consists exclusively of quality work

Barrier-free, easy installation: Install and maintain it yourself or let us do it: The choice is yours!

Wandbefestigter, kontaktloser Trinkwasserspender in Flur

The following is also important to know: You can receive funding from the BMU (Federal Ministry for the Environment) for your school water dispenser. Read on our page about Funding opportunities How you can get up to 80% of your tap water dispenser subsidized by the state - until 2023. The big advantage for you with Aquadona: We provide you with advice regardless of manufacturer to find the right water dispenser model for you. You can then put together many of our systems individually — and at very favourable conditions. With our Murdock drinking fountains, you can individually design the shape (square, round) as well as the color and then round off the whole thing cleanly with an automatic hygienic rinse.

A water dispenser sets a course: practical equipment and also ecologically sustainable

We are your competent partner when it comes to water dispensers for schools. We offer you the right model for every need. Our children's water dispensers take up little space, are barrier-free, easy and hygienic to operate and can be installed even in the smallest corner without blocking any escape routes. Depending on the design, the school drinking fountain can be mounted on the wall or free-standing on the floor.

The only requirements for installation are a water connection and a sewage connection, as our products are wired, i.e. they are connected to the existing fresh water pipe on site. If you choose a model that should dispense chilled water, you will also need a power connection for cooling. Schools also usually have indoor and outdoor areas. Both can be equipped with a drinking water dispenser from our company.

For the outdoor area We offer you special models made from vandal-resistant materials. Our water dispensers for schools are also available in different colors so that they immediately catch the eye of students and encourage them to drink water. Whether it's a sports hall, playground, lobby or auditorium — a water dispenser for your school is a great way to encourage children to drink early on and introduce them to the topic of sustainability at the same time.

Here's a tip: Involve students at an early stage, e.g. with a water dispenser project or a working group, in the school's future water supplier. For example, you could design an optional splash protection on the wall behind or on the floor under the device and maybe make it yourself. Experience has shown that this increases the acceptance of a tap water dispenser among students.

Water dispensers for schools — our service

Our water dispensers for schools do not require complex maintenance. Water sampling for educational institutions is required once a year by the competent authorities. To do this, the school contacts the health department, which will send someone by for the water test or provide a list of free laboratories. The costs in this regard amount to approx. 60 — 160€. As long as the water sample is inconspicuous, the desired water dispenser may be operated at school. If a water filter is also installed in the device, it must be replaced no later than every 6 months. However, there are no absolutely uniform regulations, so there may be local deviations. It is best to contact your health department before installation and familiarise yourself with the local requirements, if there are any for your area.

In order to provide you with holistic support, we will review a guide on the topic with you on request to clarify all questions that are important to you.

Gerrit Kubassa, Geschäftsführer Aquadona GmbH

We would be happy to provide you with individual advice

The positive influence of water on health and concentration is indisputable, which is why a water dispenser in schools offers the perfect solution to support a healthy diet.

A children's water dispenser is sustainable, avoids plastic waste, is inexpensive to buy and maintain and only requires a water connection and drain to start up. If you are unsure which tap water dispenser is best suited to your individual circumstances, please feel free to contact us. We will advise you by phone or email and present our various models to you.

Thanks to the large selection, Aquadona allows you to find the right model for your school for every budget - regardless of whether you have your Buy or rent a water dispenser.

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