Public drinking water fountains

Public drinking water fountains are becoming increasingly popular since 2020

As we all know by now, water is a valuable asset and, in high quality, an increasingly scarce resource. Fresh water should simply be freely available to all people. Since winter 2020, the European Parliament has been campaigning for this with the new EU Directive 2020/2184 one. This is a great international development and the USA was actually used as a mission statement here, where drinking water well have been found in public places since the 1930s.

Our drinking water wells meet all hygienic requirements

All our drinking water wells work with a water connection and are therefore connected to the in-house or public fixed water pipe. There are both models that are designed for indoor use and variants specifically for SUSA, funktionieren mit Wasseranschluss und werden darum an die hauseigene oder öffentliche Festwasserleitung angeschlossen. Es gibt sowohl Modelle, die für den Innenbereich konzipiert sind, als auch Varianten speziell für den outdoor area. The piped drinking fountains are therefore connected directly to a fresh water pipe and make it possible to tap clean and fresh drinking water either via a drinking faucet or via a bottle filler. Although our German drinking water can usually be drunk anywhere without hesitation, it is still often recommended to install an activated carbon water filter, which at least reduces the chlorine taste.

Most of our models not only look elegant, but also meet the highest quality and hygiene standards, such as the internationally recognized NSF certification. Aquadona's drinking water fountains offer you, among other things:

  • hygienic, contactless / contactless waiter
  • automatic hygienic rinse against stagnant water, bacteria & viruses
  • vandal-proof and theft-proof
  • individual Design options the color, shape and other properties
  • adjustable flow rate & water jet arc
  • Drinking water fountain with activated carbon water filter
  • certified and sturdy materials outside and inside
  • corrosion-resistant components
  • barrier-free Access for people with disabilities
  • more suitable for children Access for kids

All the equipment options combined with the excellent drinking water quality of our German water round off a public outdoor drinking well. A round thing, then!

Depending on the model and equipment, the water jet from the drinking fountains can be triggered contactlessly using a sensor, push button or foot pedal. On the one hand, these contactless operating mechanisms guarantee maximum hygiene and safety for users and operators of the system. On the other hand, the various operating options make it easy to use, which also enables small children or wheelchair users, for example, to operate the drinking water well. Thanks to the foot pedal and proximity sensor, the well does not have to be touched with your hands and contamination by bacteria and viruses is largely prevented. It is also possible to place a bottle push button in such a way that a drinking vessel only has to be placed on it and pressed down slightly to fill the bottle with water.

An automatic hygienic rinse reduces stagnant water by flushing fresh water through the system for 10 - 60 seconds every 4 hours. The so-called continuous flushing system is battery-operated, so that there is no need to connect a power supply to the device. The 9V block batteries last approximately 9 months and are available in any commercial store. 2 weeks before the batteries give up the ghost, the hygienic flusher emits an audible warning signal, which signals to the operator that it is time to change the battery.

We at Aquadona have developed these particularly hygienic options together with various drinking fountain manufacturers and thus made a significant contribution to the safe, public drinking water supply, which is particularly important for public drinking water wells that are used by many different people.

From 2025, you can buy our self-made drinking water fountains made in Germany directly from us. Of course, in the usual high quality and customizable.

New version of the Drinking Water Directive requires action from 2023

On 15.12.2020, the European Parliament adopted a new version of the Drinking water directive adopted. This now provides for more efficient monitoring of water quality, updated quality standards and improved availability of safe drinking water. In order to further expand availability, access to drinking water for all, in particular for vulnerable groups, is expressly laid down in Section 16 of the Directive. This includes promoting the provision of drinking water in public spaces. For example, in restaurants, schools or public institutions and squares. In particular, this should enable sufficient drinking of fresh water during summer heat periods.

With our fixed water dispensers for outdoor use, municipalities, cities and other municipalities comply with this EU requirement, according to which the right of access to free water supply in the form of outdoor and indoor facilities (outdoor drinking wells and indoor drinking wells) should be ensured in public places. And that until 2027! At Aquadona, you will find the right drinking fountain and they not only look good, but are also available from us for a fair price and low maintenance costs. With every new public drinking water well, you are not only doing something good for you and your environment, but also for nature and helping Germany meet the 2030 Agenda in line with the achievement of 17 sustainability goals to achieve.

Questions or suggestions about drinking water wells?

Feel free to have a look at assortment From Aquadona around. We cover the entire spectrum with our range of products, from discontinuous to continuous water dispensers. Further information can be found in the product descriptions of the individual versions. We offer you the right drinking fountain for every need, if you tell us what you need. If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact our customer service at any time contact. We will advise you independently of the manufacturer and work with you to see which system meets your requirements and, with our expert experience since 2014, will help you choose the right drinking fountain.

With our products, we make our contribution to a healthy environment and have developed over the years into the largest partner in Europe when it comes to high-quality drinking water wells with a fixed water connection. Buy from us one of our selected drinking fountains from top brands, such as Murdock, Canaletas or Elkay and help to further expand public access to clean drinking water. Whether for indoor or outdoor use, for public institutions, water companies or schools, we at Aquadona are guaranteed to have the right drinking water dispenser for your individual project.

Aquadona has been committed to the sensible use of resources, in particular water, since 2014. With our second portfolio Alternative to road salt Does our subsidiary take care Lesco-Berlin In addition, to ensure that our groundwater is less polluted by harmful road salt. The circle of our sustainable economy is thus closed.