Public drinking fountains connected to the water supply

Public drinking fountain with fixed water connection can be used in indoor or outdoor areas. They are connected directly to the fresh water pipe and dispense fresh drinking water via a bottle filler or a drinking faucet through push button or contactless per sensor. When used outdoors, a mechanical, self-closing push button to trigger the water jet is always recommended for a durable drinking water well. The electronics of a proximity sensor and wet-German weather conditions are simply not so well compatible.

Our piped drinking fountains meet a wide range of requirements. To help you find the right model, just have a look at our catalogue or describe your building project to us. Feel free to submit a product enquiry via e-mail or simply give us a call. In addition, you will find in our faqs The most common answers to your questions in advance.

The most important things in a nutshell

The EU decision 2020 introduced the requirement to set up more public drinking water wells in order to expand free access to clean drinking water for all classes of citizens. At the beginning of August 2022, the cabinet passed a corresponding bill; with the Act amending the Water Resources Act, the Federal Government is implementing some provisions of the EU Drinking Water Directive. Among other things, the provision of tap water through drinking water wells in public places is also part of the task of general interest.

The Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) has, in addition to other, country-specific funding 150 million euros provided for the extraction of piped drinking water wells. Read on our site furtherance more about that.

How do our drinking water wells work

The devices are connected directly to the fresh water pipe and, optionally, to the sewage pipe. Alternatively, the “waste water” can also be used sustainably to irrigate green areas. In Berlin, the Senate and BWB have opted for so-called endurance runners. These are systems that run permanently and channel around 1,800 liters of unused water into the sewer system every day. With 200 drinking water wells in Berlin, that's around 360,000 liters of water per day. The choice of the wasteful sounding endurance runner is justified by a higher standard of hygiene and the hope that this will flush the so-called alluvial sewage system in Berlin and prevent odors. What you think of it in view of global warming and the associated scarcity of water is up to you. In any case, as a child, you learned that a dripping water tap must be turned off. A running faucet has already given a set of ears warm. We'll see when Berlin and BWB give in their stance.

Depending on the model, the water jet of our drinking fountains can be triggered hygienically with a push button, foot pedal or proximity sensor. In addition, the robust construction of all outdoor drinking wells offers a long shelf life even in outdoor public areas and some versions enable frost-resistant operation in winter, which at the same time reduces stagnant water.

Aquadona drinking fountain:

  • Adjustable waterjet arc
  • flow rate adjustable
  • All drinking fountains are wired
  • Drinking water fountain with vandal-proof stainless steel drinking faucet
  • Drinking fountains made of corrosion-resistant materials
  • Vandal-resistant construction
  • Drinking fountain specifically for outdoor use

Depending on your requirements, you can buy the right drinking water fountain from Aquadona — not rent or lease. You can optionally put together your individual design yourself. Just talk to us about this. This applies to the construction as well as the equipment features and color. From free-standing drinking water dispensers to wall-mounted models, the selection is very diverse. There is a choice of versions made from vandal-resistant materials, so that the drinking fountain can be set up in publicly accessible spaces with peace of mind. This is particularly important for municipalities and cities when the water dispenser is set up in parks, the market square or at schools and other public places. In addition, all models are frost-resistant and can stand still all year round. As an option, Murdock models can be equipped with an automatic hygienic rinse or easily retrofitted. This causes interval-like water flows every 4 hours to avoid stagnant water in the pipes. As a result, fresh tap water is always drawn and bacteria and viruses cannot multiply fast enough to be dangerous to humans.

At Aquadona, you will find your desired drinking water fountain in various designs. For mounting on the wall or as a free-standing column, the models offered are available throughout Germany. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about installation and maintenance.

Drinking fountain with fixed connection

The Aquadona range includes drinking fountains from well-known manufacturers. These include brands such as Canaletas, Murdock, Elkay and Air Wolf. These manufacturers offer drinking water fountains with robust materials and user-friendly operation. The water is dispensed hygienically and the arc-shaped water jet enables cup-free drinking or contactless dispensing for glasses and bottles To Go.

Aquadona drinking water dispensers and the quality features:

  • Hygienic water dispensing
  • Cup-free drinking possible
  • Unadulterated, good drinking water quality
  • Sturdy materials
  • Long shelf life
  • User-friendly application
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to continuous flushing

Convince yourself of the quality of the models on offer. At Aquadona, you are also welcome to find out more about the various drinking fountain models in person. Our expert service will be happy to advise you.