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Water dispenser for kindergarten

Drinking drinking water independently in early childhood promotes independent, healthy eating in a sustainable way. For this purpose, Aquadona offers suitable models specifically for daycare centers and kindergartens, which are particularly easy and hygienic to operate. Barrier-free, robust, hygienic and available in individual colors - you really can choose here!

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KiTa Kinder trinken Wasser von einem WasserspenderWasserspender für Kindergärten
Tafelwasseranlage für KiTasEin öffentlicher leitungsgebundener Wasserspender

Water dispensers & drinking fountains offer these benefits for daycare children

If you are looking for a high-quality drinking water dispenser for your school, then you've come to the right place. In our range, you will find robust and hygienic systems for direct connection to the water pipe, especially for schools. But why should water dispensers be installed in schools at all? Be inspired by the following benefits of a school water dispenser:

Easy, barrier-free operation

Quick water output

Hygienic use

Sturdy materials

Clean drinking water permanently available

High capacity for lots of kids

Individual design option

Water dispenser promotes proper drinking

Sustainable thanks to water connection

Water dispenser in KITA for inauguration

For the special requirements of, for example, a day care center, we at Aquadona have specially designed child-friendly water dispensers from Aquadona. A water dispenser in kindergarten must primarily consist of robust materials, be easy to operate and dispense water hygienically for many children. The most intuitive use possible is desirable, which is why most Aquadona drinking water dispensers can be operated with a large push button and, optionally, contactless. The function keys are therefore clearly visible, so that the water dispensers in daycare can easily be used even by small children. The application is hygienic for children and adults, as special protective measures prevent the devices from becoming contaminated and, in addition, an optional automatic hygienic rinse can be installed. In addition, all children's water dispensers are operated with a fixed water connection and are therefore sustainable and dispense the water of the highest drinking water quality.

With a water dispenser in kindergarten, even toddlers can learn the correct drinking habits early on. Drinking water from the water dispenser provides long-lasting, inexpensive and sustainable refreshment. With individual models, the water temperature can even be adjusted to dispense chilled or normal-temperature drinking water. Even drinking water dispensers with sparkling water are part of the product range, but the effort required with such devices is significantly higher than with models without sparkling water, so feel free to contact us if you have any uncertainties or detailed questions. There are also water dispensers with filters against chlorine taste and other contaminants to ensure particularly high drinking water quality. Our service team will be happy to advise you so that you get a suitable model for your application. You can find more information in the product descriptions and in our Product catalog.

Our daycare water dispensers & drinking fountains have these features

From Aquadona, you can get special drinking water dispensers for kindergartens in colorful, hygienic designs. In addition to the robust materials for long-lasting enjoyment of the drinking water dispenser, an optional, automatic hygienic rinse can be installed in some devices for hygiene. This ensures that no contamination can occur in the daycare water dispenser even after weekends or holidays. Thanks to the wired application, fresh water is always available from the tap - without having to carry plastic bottles back and forth. An overview of the quality features of the drinking water fountains for children offered:

Top quality drinking water

filtered water

Optional chilled water

Optionally with sparkling water, carbonic acid

barrier-free access

Rugged construction

rounded corners

Easy operation

Low maintenance

Kind in Schule trinkt am Wasserspender mit Wasseranschluss

Convince yourself of the quality of the daycare water dispensers offered, which are especially suitable for use in kindergartens. In the product descriptions, you will find the most important features of the individual models. The features can be selected as an option for various devices. If you have any questions, simply ask our service team — we will be happy to advise you!