Aquadona water dispenser

Water dispenser with water connection for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle

Water makes up a large part of the human body, so the organism needs up to 3 liters per day. It is therefore no wonder that we should drink around 1.5 liters a day, because the remaining requirement is taken up by other foods. So that water tastes good and is therefore easy to drink, our water dispenser of Aquadona available in a wide variety of variants. Whether barrier-free and therefore easily accessible to everyone, with contactless operation for greater hygiene or mechanically via push button and with or without water filter and cooling.

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In addition, it is our self-imposed mission to provide a sustainable alternative to plastic water bottles to reduce pollution of the environment and the world's oceans. With our water dispensers, it is possible to supply many people with fresh water simultaneously and permanently without plastic waste and to create and strengthen awareness of the environmentally friendly use of water resources.

Attention social (educational) institutions: The Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) has 150 million euros Tax money made available until 2023 for the promotion of wired water dispensers. Read on our site furtherance more about that.

Why order fresh water dispensers from Aquadona?

Wired fresh water dispensers are our specialty. So that you get the right model for your individual needs, we have identified the best water dispenser manufacturers and, unlike many professional colleagues, can offer you exactly what suits your needs best and not what needs to be sold based on specifications. This manufacturer-independent freedom guarantees that you get the right model for your individual needs.

Your individual building project can be discussed in a telephone call so that a suitable offer can then be prepared. Ordering is then conveniently done by e-mail.

With our water dispenser models, you can sometimes install and maintain them completely independently. As an option, we offer installation advice in many areas of Germany. In any case, we do not have any gagging maintenance contracts and subscriptions.

Water dispensers in different variants for every need

From water dispensers with cooling to robust drinking water fountains for unprotected outdoor areas, the range is very wide. Piped water dispensers allow quick water bottle filling or cup filling, while wired drinking fountains with an arc-shaped stream of water allow direct drinking. The selection includes free-standing and table-top appliances as well as wall-mounted water dispensers, which meet the requirements of barrier-free construction. Depending on requirements and location of use, these versions offer various equipment. Thanks to a built-in thermostat, the water temperature for devices with cooling can be set between 4 degrees and 11 degrees Celsius. If the drinking water from the tap is cold enough at around 17°C, there is no need for cooling. Some drinking fountains with a water connection are made of corrosion-resistant materials and are therefore weatherproof. Such a water dispenser is suitable for publicly accessible spaces and, thanks to vandal-resistant materials, has a long shelf life and is difficult to break down.

The different designs of our devices allow you to order the right water dispenser for your specific space requirements. Whether it's a wall-mounted or free-standing water dispenser — at Aquadona, you will find a variety of designs. In any case, the water dispensers require a fixed water connection and a sewage connection. The versions with cooling and contactless operation also require a power connection. Please note the features of the respective models in the product descriptions.

Aquadona water dispensers at a glance:

  • Water dispenser for indoor and outdoor use
  • barrier-free, wall-mounted water dispensers
  • free-standing water dispensers
  • with or without cooling & water filter
  • Bottle filler for filling vessels
  • contactless operation (or mechanical)
  • and other variants

Find out in detail in the product descriptions about the optional equipment of the respective water dispensers. Simply get yourself an overview of the water dispensers offered in catalogue.

Water dispensers in various areas of application

The water dispensers offered by Aquadona are suitable for all areas of application, but in particular:

  • Water dispensers in schools
  • Water dispenser in kindergarten
  • Office water dispenser
  • Water dispensers in healthcare facilities
  • Drinking water dispenser in shopping centers
  • Bottled water system in the gym
  • Water dispensers in publicly accessible areas

If you want to buy a water dispenser with a fixed connection, you can simply order the right model for your area from Aquadona by e-mail on account. We do not offer rental and gallon water dispensers. Our expert team is available to answer any questions you may have. We would be happy to advise you and work with you to find the right model.

Water dispensers from well-known manufacturers

Thanks to Aquadona's high-quality water dispensers, you can rely on long operating times. The drinking water dispensers are from well-known manufacturers such as Borg & Overström and Canaletas. When it comes to outdoor drinking water fountains, you will find many Elkay or Murdock models, which we have specially adapted for the German market. Here is an exemplary selection of our manufacturers:

  • Borg & Overström (for indoor use with many options)
  • Canaletas (cheap stainless steel water dispenser with many options)
  • Elkay (perfect for public areas)
  • Air Wolf (low maintenance drinking fountain)
  • Murdock (outdoor drinking fountain perfect for public areas)
  • and other manufacturers

The offered water dispensers are tested for functionality before delivery and only sent to you after the inventory check. You can find further information in the product descriptions for the respective model.

Buy water dispensers and benefit from low costs

As described above, with a Aquadona water dispenser fresh drinking water at any time. The water is freshly drawn from the water pipe on site and operation is hygienic and easy to use. Piped water dispensers with a fixed water connection are sustainable and can supply a larger number of people in a very efficient and effective way. In addition, the purchase saves you significantly more money in the long term than if you rent a water dispenser. Summarized benefits of Aquadona water dispensers include:

  • fresh drinking water available at any time at the push of a button
  • highest drinking water quality, because tap water is the most heavily controlled food in Germany
  • hygienic operation, whether contactless with a sensor, push button or foot pedal — a clean task
  • Sustainability thanks to fixed water connection (and therefore cheaper than bottled water)
  • simple and convenient installation & maintenance (you can service some devices yourself)

Convince yourself of the advantages of our water dispensers, which we have selected over the last few years since 1991. If you are still unsure which model is best for your area, you can contact our service department. We look forward to your call and find the right water dispenser for you.