Gerrit Kubassa - Gründer & Geschäftsführer der Aquadona GmbH
Gerrit Kubassa
Gründer & Geschäftsführer der Aquadona GmbH

Buy a German water dispenser with a water connection instead of renting

Buy a German water dispenser with a water connection instead of renting

Buy a German water dispenser with a water connection instead of renting and thus reduce costs

Drinking water is essential to stay healthy and vital. Aquadona offers you water dispensers with a water connection to offer users clean drinking water. That's why we offer you the highest quality models. At the same time, our customers and us have a great need to protect the environment, reuse water as a resource and reduce the generation of plastic waste. That is why you can only buy drinking water dispensers with a water connection in our range instead of renting them. Many of our models therefore have the following product features:

  • Issuance of uncooled drinking water
  • Optional, simple activated carbon filter against chlorine flavor
  • Many devices function without electricity
  • Optional, contactless operation
  • Bottle filler for bottled water on the go
  • Robust materials for a long-lasting device
  • Low-maintenance and low-maintenance systems

Choose the equipment you need for your area, whether you want to buy a water dispenser for public institutions, the office or an educational institution - you only get what you need.

With each of our water dispensers, you buy a lot of convenience in a single device, because the optional water refinement with cold, filtered or untreated water basically offers everything you need. In addition, the devices are extremely efficient because they are connected directly to the fixed water pipe. That is why no one has to worry about buying new drinking water, e.g. in bottles, the broom closet is kept free for important things and, from a technical point of view, many of our devices are even maintenance-free. In addition, our cold water dispensers consume very little electricity and therefore running costs, because water is only cooled directly when the cold water is released by a “cooling coil” and is not constantly cooled down to a certain temperature in a water tank as is the case with many devices. As a result, our drinking water dispensers also meet a low CO2 footprint and therefore a positive environmental balance. In addition, the various models offer practical features such as the high drinking faucet for filling bottles or hygienic direct drinking at the push of a button. You can find further information in the product descriptions of the individual models.

Take a look at catalogue and choose the right model for your area of application. If necessary, you can use our service contact. We will find the right water dispenser for you. Just talk to us.

Buy a water dispenser with a water connection instead of renting

The drinking water dispensers offered by Aquadona offer many opportunities to provide drinking water with a handle and prove its sustainability while still reducing costs. The various models in our product range are purchased for one-off costs and work after installation without further action and maintenance on your part. Regular external cleaning on your part is of course recommended in your own interest in accordance with your internal hygiene regulations and six-monthly maintenance can be carried out by your local installer or our maintenance partners if required. A maintenance subscription is therefore not necessary for our wired water dispensers.

The water comes directly from the drinking water pipe so that the user can tap fresh. This has a positive effect on your budget, because tap water is cheap, highly sustainable and therefore ensures low maintenance costs and environmental pollution. For this reason, wired water dispensers are funded by the BMU with 150,000,000 euros in tax money. Read this article about this: Promotion of drinking water dispensers.

Here are once again the reasons for buying instead of renting a water dispenser:

  • Unique, low costs
  • Tap water is the best controlled & cheapest drink
  • Drinking water from the tap is permanently available
  • A fixed water connection avoids ongoing procurement costs of bottled water
  • Discharge of clear water through cheap water filters
  • Maintenance can optionally be carried out independently in just a few simple steps

Benefit from the low costs of Aquadona water dispensers. In our range, you are guaranteed to find a model that you like.

Hygiene and safety of water dispensers with fixed water connection

Safety for operators and users of drinking water dispensers is an important factor before they are put into operation. The advantage of water dispensers with a fixed water connection is therefore the permanently available fresh water. This reduces stagnant water and thus the formation of bacteria in the system. With an optional, automatic hygienic rinse, the chance of bacteria formation can be reduced even further. The start-up of the devices therefore always requires a water connection and, if necessary, a waste water connection near the device. If you choose a contactless activated water dispenser with additional water cooling, a power connection must also be available. With an activated carbon filter system in our water dispensers, bacteria, suspended particles and dissolved substances that occur naturally in tap water can also be almost completely removed. With a UV filter, we can also guarantee you a virus-free drinking experience. All that remains after filtration is the highest water quality and a clear water taste. Here is an overview of the hygiene of our filter water dispensers:

  • Fixed water connection guarantees fresh drinking water
  • Automatic hygienic flushing against stagnant water
  • Remove filters Chlorine, Bacteria and Viruses
  • Remove filter chemical contamination
  • Easy filter replacement
  • Compliance with hygienic standards
  • Safety for operators and users

The Aquadona range includes various water dispensers with water filters, which allow hygienic use. Please note the information in the product information for the respective model.

Water dispensers and drinking fountains in use

The water dispensers with water connection are suitable for a wide range of applications. While the cold water dispenser is mainly found in offices and schools, the drinking fountain with fixed water connection is more commonly used in public places. These devices are characterized by very robust materials and few electronics as well as additional options such as water filters. Whether inside or outside in public spaces, it doesn't matter — a wired drinking fountain can be used anywhere.

At Aquadona, you will find various drinking water fountains with water connections made of stainless steel, plastic and even stone and glass. Our selection is very diverse, so you too are sure to find the right model. Convince yourself of our wide range of offers and visit our Product range.

Buy the right water dispenser with water connection from Aquadona and save unnecessary, ongoing costs. We are happy to help you make the right choice!


Gerrit Kubassa - Gründer & Geschäftsführer der Aquadona GmbH
Gerrit Kubassa
Gründer & Geschäftsführer der Aquadona GmbH