Gerrit Kubassa - Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH
Gerrit Kubassa
Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH

EURO 2024 drinking fountain campaign

EURO 2024 drinking fountain campaign

Water march: Drinking water fountain funding for EURO 2024

The men's European soccer championship 2024 (EURO 2024) is just around the corner, and many Germans are preparing for a sporting celebration. But it's not just about goals and victories, but also about environmental protection and sustainability. In this context, the association “a tip: tap”, in partnership with the Federal Ministry of the Environment (BMUV), has launched an exciting drinking fountain campaign. This initiative is supported by the German Association of Cities and other partners. The focus: promoting tap water as a refreshing and sustainable choice.

The “water revolution” in action

The drinking fountain campaign is an integral part of the comprehensive “Wasserwende” project. It serves to raise awareness of the value of drinking water and to highlight the importance of wells for adapting to climate change.

The key to success: drinking water fountains for all, or for all cities and municipalities

From January 2024, municipalities and water suppliers will have the opportunity to apply for one of a total of 51 public drinking fountains. The goal is clear: There should be a drinking water fountain for every European Championship tournament game. This should not only quench the thirst of soccer fans, but also promote appreciation for clean drinking water in cities and communities.

A fountain for your city

Particularly exciting news: Every municipality and every water supplier who successfully applies in accordance with the established criteria and ensures that the fountain is in a publicly accessible, heavily frequented location receives generous support of 15,000 euros. This money is specifically earmarked for the purchase, installation, maintenance and operation of the drinking water fountain for at least five years.

The host cities of EURO 2024

The ten host cities of EURO 2024 can definitely count on a drinking water fountain if the criteria are met. This measure will not only support the host cities' sustainability efforts, but will also provide EURO fans with a sustainable opportunity to quench their thirst.

Everyone is welcome

It's not just the host cities that have an opportunity — water suppliers and municipalities that are not part of the host cities can also apply. If more than 51 municipalities or water suppliers apply, the allocation of the fountain will be decided fairly by drawing lots.

Eligible drinking water fountain

But be careful! Not every drinking fountain is eligible for funding. In order for you to receive your financial injection from the BMUV for your drinking water fountain, certain requirements must be met. The model SUSA is one of the eligible drinking fountains. The system can be used cost-effectively as a year-round drinking fountain even in winter and thus saves considerable effort and costs, e.g. registration and deregistration with the health department and water sampling (as no stagnant water can occur in the device and therefore the maintenance interval is lower). The plant is also fully eligible for all other funding pools, such as funding”100 drinking water fountains for Rhineland-Palatinate“and the special program”MUNICIPAL DRINKING FOUNTAINS“from Bavaria.

Show interest from January 2024

If you would like to be part of this exciting initiative, you can already express your interest without obligation at testify. You will then be informed in good time about the start of the drinking fountain campaign. Water march! It is time to commit to clean drinking water and sustainability.

One eligible drinking water fountain is the Susa from Aquadona, a DVGW-certified drinking fountain for cost-effective year-round operation.

A big thank you to the association A Tip: Tap:

Since the new Water Resources Act of 12.01.2023, the federal states of Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse and Bavaria in particular have set a good example and have enabled their municipalities to build the first fountains through various subsidies.

But because the majority of German cities and municipalities have still gone empty, the A Tip:Tap association has launched this new funding together with partners such as the German Association of Cities and the BMUV. You can find more information here:

Since 2010, the association has been committed to drinking tap water as a contribution to environmental and climate protection.

A product that everyone needs, uses constantly, but only a few appreciate“.

Let's work together to make sure that changes soon!


Gerrit Kubassa - Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH
Gerrit Kubassa
Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH