Gerrit Kubassa - Gründer & Geschäftsführer der Aquadona GmbH
Gerrit Kubassa
Gründer & Geschäftsführer der Aquadona GmbH

POU water dispensers

POU water dispensers

POU water dispensers

It is well known that the human body consists of around 70% water. It is therefore also obvious that regular hydration is essential to ensure the health and functionality of our body. The Aquadona range therefore includes bottled water systems that enable sustainable and regular water absorption in a varied way. We offer these drinking water dispensers in various designs to satisfy as many human drinking needs as possible. As drinking water dispensers with cooling, for example, these devices optionally dispense cold water in addition to normal-temperature water (also known as “ambient water”). This is very practical for users, especially in summer, because they can select and tap the desired, temperature-controlled drinking water depending on their preferences without having to buy a chilled water bottle. All our drinking water dispensers work with so-called “direct cooling”, which means that the drinking water is only cooled when you press the appropriate button. This has the advantage over devices in which water is constantly cooled down to a specific temperature in a tank that uses less electricity. For example, because cooling continues to be maintained at night and, as is well known, there are not as many people out and about in offices and public institutions in particular at night to tap water.

In addition to direct cooling for tempered drinking water between 4° and 11° Celsius, our bottled water systems optionally dispense other, different types of water. Such as carbonated water with CO2 (sparkling water).

In principle, a bottled water system always dispenses cold water, although individual models can also dispense hot water or filtered water. If possible, we always advise against systems that dispense hot water, as a kettle is better suited for this and experience has shown that boilers are more susceptible to damage and consume significantly more electricity than kettles.

A solid water dispenser with integrated filter and cooling can remove a wide range of bacteria, suspended particles and dissolved substances that cannot naturally be removed from drinking water by a local waterworks. In many devices, UV filters and carbon filters are optional features that ensure virus-free drinking water and therefore hygienic and pure drinking water.

Here is an overview of the most important features of bottled water systems:

  • Water refinement with ambient water & cold water
  • Direct cooling for environmentally friendly and inexpensive cold water
  • Filter systems such as carbon filters and UV filters
  • bottle filler for H2O-2-GO
  • Operation via push button, contactless via sensor or foot pedal

Further features and equipment features can be found in the individual product descriptions of our drinking water dispensers. Find out more on our website and discover in our catalogue the different versions of our bottled water systems.

Bottled water systems and their areas of application

The bottled water systems offered by Aquadona are suitable for different requirements and areas of application. With the bottle filler, you can fill even larger quantities on the go, or to care for patients and employees in the office or in the doctor's practice. A fixed water dispenser with cooling and filter provides cold water and filter water. Such a selection is particularly popular in summer and provides a welcome refreshment. For this reason, a bottled water system can often be found in a modern office. It is important to us to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable use of water as a resource in order, among other things, to reduce environmental and marine pollution. For this reason, our bottled water systems are also very suitable for schools, kindergartens and daycare centers. Sustainability can therefore be integrated into children's everyday lives at an early stage and awareness of it can be developed, because as is well known, it is best to practice early on.

Different manufacturers of bottled water systems

With the bottled water systems and water dispensers offered, you buy functionality, design and high quality. We are happy to guarantee this to you, because our drinking water dispensers come from well-known manufacturers such as Canaletas, Elkay or Borg & Overström, which offer a wide variety of models, from free-standing appliances, table-top devices to wall-mounted drinking water dispensers.

Here is an overview of our most important manufacturers:

  • Canaletas
  • Elkay
  • Borg & Overström
  • Air-Wolf
  • Murdock
  • and other brands

Benefit from the quality of the bottled water systems that go hand in hand with these manufacturer names. Our high-quality devices feature long running times and convenient and intuitive operation. In the product descriptions, you will find the most important details about the respective model. Visit Aquadona's website to get an overview of the brands we offer and buy or rent the perfect fixed water dispenser for you today.

Bottled water systems - The benefits

Compared to water bottles, bottled water systems offer many practical advantages. The models offered by Aquadona all work with a fixed connection to the house connection, which means that drinking water is always available and no environmentally harmful plastic bottles are used. This also saves you the hassle of hauling water crates and storing them. The water comes straight from the tap and can be cooled, carbonated or filtered at the push of a button, providing variety when drinking. In addition, cleaning filters enable hygienic use and many devices can be operated germ-free via push button, proximity sensor or pedal.

Here is an overview of the most important benefits:

  • Selection with various types of drinking water
  • Drinking water permanently available
  • Fixed water connection for efficiency and sustainability
  • Filters offer pure water quality
  • Application is intuitive & user-friendly
  • Hygienic operation, optional contactless

Convince yourself of the benefits of Aquadona bottled water systems. With the devices offered, you always have the best quality drinking water available.

Aquadona bottled water systems, water dispensers and outdoor drinking fountains

The Aquadona product range includes bottled water systems and water dispensers for filter water and cooling. The fixed water dispensers are suitable for outdoor or indoor use, while the bottled water systems are mainly equipped with schools, many water dispensers with water filters are sought after in offices and public institutions.

With Aquadona bottled water systems and water dispensers with cooling, a wide variety of rooms and locations can be equipped and, thanks to the high output capacity, it is possible to supply a larger number of people efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Order the desired table water systems from Aquadona and benefit from the wide range of equipment features. We would be happy to help you find the ideal bottled water system for your needs. Just take contact Come to us and get advice from our polite and competent team!


Gerrit Kubassa - Gründer & Geschäftsführer der Aquadona GmbH
Gerrit Kubassa
Gründer & Geschäftsführer der Aquadona GmbH