Gerrit Kubassa - Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH
Gerrit Kubassa
Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH

Buy a water dispenser: With a fixed connection to the water pipe

Buy a water dispenser: With a fixed connection to the water pipe

Buy a water dispenser: With a fixed connection to the water pipe

Compared to the regular purchase of water bottles, the one-time purchase of a water dispenser with a fixed connection offers considerable advantages. Among other things, one of the main reasons is the long-term, financial cost savings, as a result of which many traders decide to Water dispenser without contract buying instead of renting it.

However, you can also rent a piped drinking water dispenser from us. However, it is usually cheaper for everyone involved if a water dispenser is purchased without a contract!

The general, usually secondary advantages are that drinking water is permanently available to users thanks to the fixed water connection, in contrast to gallon water dispensers or bottled water, which always has to be reordered. This offers a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles, which alleviates a major threat, especially in times of alleged climate change, as there is then no need to produce and transport plastic water bottles. By installing water dispensers with a fixed water connection, you can therefore avoid plastic waste and stop environmental pollution and thus climate change yourself...

And now back to seriously comprehensible facts: The efficient use of drinking water dispensers is another, albeit small, advantage over water bottles. Water bottles are often not completely drunk, e.g. at important events such as the meeting of “politicians” or when the board of directors of a bank meets to try and decide across the rest of humanity in order to expand their own power, supposedly strengthen their own security and control. Meanwhile, a simple water dispenser only ever dispenses as much water as is necessary. Admittedly, this is not a big step to save the world, but who knows: Maybe that would be the drop that makes the keg overflow.

Water dispensers with fixed-connection purchases — the advantages:

With Aquadona Customers can buy, but also rent, a wide variety of water dispensers with a fixed connection. From free-standing water dispensers with cooling to barrier-free, wall-mounted drinking water dispensers with water-purifying activated carbon filters, customers can put together a wide variety of variants relatively individually.

Thanks to an optional filter system, a large part of unwanted foreign substances that do not belong in the human body can be removed from drinking water. This also includes microorganisms and viruses, heavy metals and hormones, as well as pesticides from agriculture, which can be removed with a simple activated carbon filter. Here is an overview of the hygiene benefits of our water dispensers with fixed connections:

  • Permanently available drinking water from the water pipe without reordering
  • Optional filters ensure pure drinking water quality
  • Environmentally friendly and therefore sustainable for low costs

Find out more from Aquadona before you buy the water dispenser, because depending on your requirements, different but suitable devices are offered and, if necessary, put together individually for your construction project. And that is exactly what distinguishes us from mass competition.

Buy, rent and, if necessary, have water dispensers with a fixed connection

Many water dispensers with fixed connections offer various equipment options. The question of whether you should buy or rent the drinking water dispenser is particularly important.

Die Water dispenser rental is a practical alternative to buying, because costs are kept low in the short term and spread evenly over the duration of the rent. This means that there is no one-time, immediate major cost of installation and purchase. When renting a water dispenser, a subscription contract of 3 years is usually concluded between the user and the supplier. The latter maintains and cleans the rented equipment every six months and optionally rushes out built-in water filters.

This is a practical solution if you do not have a sum of approx. 2.000, - EUR can or would like to invest per water dispenser, but still want to offer its users, visitors or employees a healthy and sustainable drink. In the long term, the rental costs for water dispensers are higher than if the drinking water dispenser is purchased. In addition to buying and renting, water dispensers with a fixed water connection can also be used for some institutions promoted become. This must be an institution with a social character. Read more about this in a separate article on Water dispenser conveying.

In this way, individual financing models can be used. Whether you rent or buy your Aquadona water dispenser — the costs of our fixed-connection drinking water dispensers are very, low compared to large corporations, as we often hear from interested parties who are in the process of comparison.

Here is a brief summary of the above

  • Rent a water dispenser: cheaper in the short term, more expensive in the long term
  • Buy a water dispenser: more expensive in the short term, cheaper in the long term
  • Promote water dispensers Leave: Possible for social organizations

Convince yourself of Aquadona with individual advice for your building project. In catalogue In advance, you will find various water dispensers with fixed connections and without a contract, which include different equipment. After you have a rough idea of which model you like, you will receive further information in the product descriptions, data sheets or directly from us. Feel free to give us a call!

Buy, install and clean water dispensers with a fixed connection

If you, like thousands of others in Germany, have decided on a fixed water dispenser and want to install a water dispenser with a water connection, in most cases not only a water connection but also a sewage connection is required. To install some devices, you do not need specialist knowledge that can be learned quickly and only have to follow the installation instructions. However, when installing a barrier-free water dispenser on the wall, the advice and, if necessary, the help of a plumber is recommended.

In addition to the technical requirements, there are further recommendations for the water dispenser with fixed water connection regarding the installation location. Bottled water systems and water dispensers should not be located near heating appliances. Direct sunlight should also be avoided.

Outdoor drinking fountains, on the other hand, are resistant to all forces, vandalism and heat as well as frost.

Cleaning the water dispenser is simple: use disinfectant to regularly (at your own discretion) clean the parts that are touched by users. A maintenance contract is available as an option, which means that the device is cleaned every six months by qualified personnel.

At Aquadona, you can buy or rent a suitable water dispenser with a water connection. Take a look at our product range and order the desired water dispenser for your application. To do this, simply take contact join us!


Gerrit Kubassa - Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH
Gerrit Kubassa
Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH