Gerrit Kubassa - Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH
Gerrit Kubassa
Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH

Water dispenser for your gym

Water dispenser for your gym

Fixed water dispenser for the gym: refreshing, vitalizing and hygienic

Water is essential for the human organism. Especially during exercise, we lose a large amount of fluid through sweating. To compensate for this loss, gym water dispensers are the perfect solution, because we want to build muscle and burn fat. Of course, you can also offer bottled water to sports enthusiasts, but a drink dispenser for the gym is far more sustainable and a better image for you in the long term. Unnecessary plastic waste is avoided and the environment is protected. On top of that, they are happy to receive free snacks — and tap water doesn't cost much. In this way, you can make a contribution to protecting our planet and to satisfied club members without much effort. With Aquadona You will find many wired water dispensers that are ideal for the gym to offer your athletes refreshment while exercising at any time. Feel free to have a look around or contact our customer service. We are always available to provide you with advice and assistance and help you choose the right beverage dispenser for your snack bar.

Why order the Fitti water dispenser from Aquadona?

As a result of the corona restrictions, our low-maintenance, easy-to-use and inexpensive fresh water dispensers from Canaletas have proven particularly suitable for smaller gyms. The devices are made of stainless steel, are easy to clean, inexpensive to buy and require very little maintenance. If you are simply looking for a drinking water dispenser for your water supply to offer your members cheap refreshments, this is the right place for you. Many Canaletas models can be activated without contact; all you need is a water connection and only a power connection if you want cooling. The devices can be serviced by yourself and an optional water filter can be quickly replaced yourself.

The advantages of our drinking water dispensers in a nutshell:

  • functional: only the most necessary functions
  • Low maintenance: easy waiting in just a few minutes
  • cheap: less than 1,000, - EUR for most devices
  • hygienic: contactless waterjet activation
  • Buy tap water dispensers instead of renting with a maintenance contract

Drink dispenser for the gym: The benefits

A drinking water fountain for the gym offers you and your customers many benefits. Aquadona drinking fountains are wired and only require a water connection and drain for installation. If you opt for a water dispenser with cooling, you also need a power source close to the dispenser. You can also choose between wall-mounted models and free-standing water dispensers for the gym. This allows you to perfectly adapt your gym beverage dispenser to the spatial conditions and meet the requirements for barrier-free access.

Here is an overview of all other benefits:

  • Permanent availability of fresh drinking water: freshly drawn from the fresh water pipe
  • Hygienic water dispensing: optional with hygienic rinse
  • Easy operation: via push button or contactless via sensor
  • Suitable for 25 and more users per hour
  • Sturdy construction: our steel drinking fountains can withstand heavy blows (we've tested it)
  • Low maintenance: conveniently carry out six-monthly water dispenser maintenance yourself (without previous knowledge)

Water dispenser for the gym with suitable features

At Aquadona, we have set ourselves the task of offering you the right drink dispenser for the gym for every individual need. With various equipment features, the range of types of drinking water can be expanded quickly and easily. With a thermostat, for example, you can offer chilled or hot water. Depending on the model, you can also offer sports enthusiasts carbonated water. Particularly good water quality can be achieved by using a water dispenser with a water filter. The following variants are available from us:

  • water dispenser with cooling
  • Carbonated solid water dispenser
  • Model with filter
  • water dispenser with contactless bottle filler
  • And many more variants

Feel free to take a look at Aquadona without obligation and get an overview of our wide range of models. Our service team can provide you with detailed advice and will work with you to select the right fresh water dispenser for the gym.

The right gym beverage dispenser for every need

It is particularly important for athletes to drink enough water. More and more operators are opting for a water dispenser for the gym so that they can provide customers with fresh drinking water at any time. A drink dispenser for the gym is a particularly sustainable way to avoid unnecessary plastic waste. You save yourself the hassle of carrying heavy crates of drinks and do something good for the environment at the same time. Depending on the model, you can not only offer your customers fresh table water, but also cool or carbonic acid. With one device, you can give your customers the perfect refreshment after a sweaty workout. Thanks to the different models, you can find the right dispenser for every room at Aquadona. Our wired systems for the gym can be used even in the smallest room.

High-quality solid water dispensers for the gym at AQUADONA

Our gym models are ideal for revitalising athletes. They are easy to install and only require a water connection as they are connected to the mains. In addition, the systems are low-maintenance and barrier-free. This makes them easy and hygienic to operate. With a wired water dispenser for fitness, you make refreshing drinking water available to every athlete. Thanks to the wide range on, you can find the right water dispenser for the gym for every individual need. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact our customer service contact. We're here to help!


Gerrit Kubassa - Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH
Gerrit Kubassa
Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH