Gerrit Kubassa - Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH
Gerrit Kubassa
Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH

Water dispensers for medical practices and clinics

Water dispensers for medical practices and clinics

Practical water dispensers: hygienic and low maintenance

For many patients, employees and other visitors, water dispensers in a practice are a welcome refreshment. The supply of fresh drinking water is guaranteed to be gratefully received both in the waiting room and in the staff rooms. A drinking water dispenser in a doctor's office offers the following benefits:

  • Calms impatient patients
  • The water is permanently available (no carrying boxes)
  • Promoting wellbeing & health
  • Refreshment in the waiting room for older people
  • Hygienic use: contactless operation
  • Easy operation: With proximity sensor or push of a button
  • Designer water dispensers suitable for 25 and more users per hour
  • Low maintenance despite water filter

Aquadona offers various solid water dispensers for medical practices, such as the wired built-in water dispenser Anoroc. The model is a high-quality and very hygienic fixed water dispenser for wall mounting. Perfect for healthcare facilities, as barrier-free access is guaranteed for people with all types of restrictions, the glass front can be cleaned in seconds and contamination caused by the contactless water tap is almost impossible. In addition, thanks to a drip tray, no waste water connection is required, but this can be connected as an option.

Other devices are equipped with suitable features to meet the hygienic requirements of the sensitive medical sector. In this way, appropriate activated carbon filters remove microorganisms, bacteria and suspended particles from the water. Ultimately, such a water dispenser ensures good drinking water quality in your practice. The application is hygienic and, with regular cleaning, operation is safe. Maintenance can be carried out independently through or through a maintenance contract. Please note that all of our offered models must be installed on a fixed water connection, which may involve minor construction work. You won't find gallon water dispensers in our range because our clear line is based on sustainability.

Fixed water dispensers always dispense fresh drinking water, avoid stagnant water and prevent contamination due to storage of plastic bottles. The application is simple and uncomplicated, so that even older patients and children can operate the water dispenser in their practice independently. Some models have colored function keys that are clearly visible and make operation even easier. Other models have LCD displays that show the number of plastic bottles saved.

Depending on requirements, fixed water dispensers for a medical practice can be equipped with different functions. From carbonated acid models to bottled water systems for chilled water, there is a wide variety of devices available for low costs. Contactless models with cooling require a power connection in addition to the water connection. There are also devices with bottle fillers so that users can fill their water when needed. Take a look at Aquadona's range of products and simply order the right tap water dispenser for your practice on account.

Fresh water for practice in different aggregate states

The drinking water dispensers and bottled water systems offered can be integrated into almost any room. The prerequisite for this is a water connection, which should be located at least nearby. The particularly hygienic models for practice are available as free-standing standing units or as wall-mounted built-in water dispensers. In practice, you can therefore perfectly adapt the drinking water dispenser to your individual local conditions. Many models are made of stainless steel or plastic and allow low-maintenance operation. The rounded corners reduce the risk of accidents and the self-explanatory fittings enable intuitive and therefore easy handling. An overview of the various variants:

  • Free-standing device that requires no fixed installation
  • wall mounted built-in water dispenser, for accessibility
  • Drinking water dispenser off inox: Especially for hospitals
  • Water dispenser made from vandal-resistant materials
  • Water dispenser with fast bottle filling rate: For emergency rooms
  • Accessible devices: Don't block escape routes
  • More variants

Benefit from the wide range of products at Aquadona and choose the right model for your needs. Feel free to take a look at our product portfolio and send us your product request.

Highest quality solid water dispenser for medical practices

The water dispensers offered for practice are equipped with many useful extras. This includes, for example, a fast bottle filling rate, which is high at over 4 liters per minute for individual models. The optional, integrated water filters remove chlorine, drug residues, heavy metals, pesticides and hormones, which are contained in the water in very small quantities in addition to bacteria and viruses. Microorganisms and pipe deposits are thus removed from drinking water. Many models inform you in good time about a necessary filter replacement with a warning sound or a light signal. In addition, the filling nozzle of most devices is protected so that contamination by users is avoided.

You can find out the most important details in the product descriptions.

Drinking water dispenser for practice, clinic and nursing home

Many drinking water dispensers from the Aquadona range are suitable as water dispensers for medical practices, clinics and nursing homes. The devices offer sufficient capacity for this despite economical energy consumption. The fast filling rate and the vandal-resistant materials are ideally suited for use in larger accessible areas with a high number of visitors. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact on to us. We are always available to provide you with advice and assistance and help you choose the right drinking water well for your practice.


Gerrit Kubassa - Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH
Gerrit Kubassa
Founder & Managing Director of Aquadona GmbH