Our values and philosophy

“Everything came out of water!!
Everything is obtained through water!”

Faust, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Since 1991, the 2nd generation of Aquadona has been working for sustainable alternatives to plastic bottles and water has always been at the center of our attention.
That doesn't stop with the offer for fresh water dispensers.
Since 2014, the new managing director Gerrit J. Kubassa has been actively working to preserve the vital basic substance “drinking water” with various portfolios such as”Aquadona“and the portfolio protecting flora, fauna and aquatic organisms ”environmentally friendly deicing salt“, whose basic substance is formic acid, which keeps roads ice-free in winter in an environmentally friendly way and does not pollute groundwater, as road salt has done for decades.

Wasserspender mit Festwasseranschluss für Schulen und KiTas
Ein öffentlicher leitungsgebundener Wasserspender

What we do

We support companies, schools, daycare centers and public institutions from planning to installing their water dispenser with a water connection. With part of our profit, we support educational institutions through free fixed water dispensers. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about drinking water wells!

How does the ordering process work?

Water dispensers are our specialty. We have always been impressed by sustainable and ecologically valuable products. That is why we do everything we can to ensure that our customers receive exactly the drinking fountains that suit their individual needs.

We will work with you to determine your requirements so that you get the right model for your individual needs. You will then receive your offer and, if you wish, a call back after a few weeks. You can easily order by e-mail. As soon as we have a delivery date, you will be notified so that you can plan the installation.

Our values

In order to sustainably protect our planet's blue and use it efficiently, we specialize in drinking fountains and water dispensers with fixed connections. We hope that reduced plastic bottle consumption contributes to a positive waste balance or the so-called CO2 reduction, because every big sip of a drinking water dispenser with a pipe connection is a saved plastic cup.

Sustainable alternatives

Fixed water dispensers or drinking water wells on the water pipe are true efficiency machines. Instead of drinking water from plastic bottles or gallons, you can set up wired water dispensers in many places. This saves money, time and protects the environment.

Boost health & performance

The human body consists of up to approx. 85% water. During the day, the body loses up to 3 liters of water. The fluid requirement should be rebalanced, otherwise our well-being and motivation will decrease and therefore our health will suffer.

Fresh tap water prevents this and ensures that we still have energy for a fulfilling life even in the evening.

Promoting children & education

The consumption of water, such a vital resource for the human body, is also associated with a certain awareness — about us, our health and our consumption. Since we look at children and young people at a stage of life that is both the beginning of life and the future, we promote sustainable and conscious use of natural assets. In our case, in particular with water and therefore with water dispensers. We award up to a quarter of the prize to schools and daycare centers and are also committed to organising sponsorships.