Kontaktloser Einbauwasserspender mit Wasseranschluss
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L: 404 mm B: 97 mm H: 505 mm


Water filter
Wall mount

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Product description

The Elkay ezH2O Liv Pro in-wall commercial filtered water dispenser is non-refrigerated and contactless. The built-in water dispenser with water connection has a modern design with glass front.

The simple, touch-free operation with automatic safety shut-off makes the “Anoroc Liv Pro” drinking water dispenser both extremely user-friendly and hygienically safe in any environment. In addition, the contactless interface ensures that the water dispenser does not become a potential risk of infection for other users.

With the NSF-certified water filter to reduce suspended particles in drinking water such as chlorine, the fixed water dispenser ensures that the drinking water dispensed is always of the highest quality. And yet the filter system is easy to monitor and requires little maintenance. Thanks to the integrated Watersentry-Plus filter replacement monitor, colored LEDs indicate when a filter change is necessary. This can be done independently every 6 months with just a few simple steps. A quick-access filter box (below the water dispenser) and a remote filter cable are available as options. This means that the water filter installation can also be optionally spatially separated from the water dispenser (see the videos below).

For added convenience, the unit has a built-in drip tray with an optional drain connection to the sewer line to prevent the risk of water spillage or overflow. As a further protective measure, there is an optional safety function that prevents unsupervised use by children playing, for example.

An LCD display is also integrated into the stylish glass front, so users can see how many plastic bottles have been saved by using the water dispenser. This confirms the environmental friendliness of the built-in water dispenser based on facts and figures.

Product features

  • Filtered drinking water through activated carbon filters, reduces chlorine, pesticides, medication residues, etc. from drinking water (optionally, the water filter can be permanently removed)
  • Material: glass & stainless steel
  • Wall installation: seamless design
  • LCD display: Counts saved water bottles and shows filter changes
  • Hands-free filling with automatic time shut-off
  • Integrated drip tray with optional drain connection
  • A water connection and electricity connection are required (no sewage connection required, but recommended)
  • Measurements with lower stainless steel filter box: 706 mm x 406 mm
  • Measurements without lower stainless steel filter box: 537 mm x 406 mm
  • Wall cutout dimensions for installation: H x W: 647 mm x 368 mm
  • NSF certificate

Although functionality is usually paramount when it comes to commercial water dispensers, the design is sometimes just as important. The Anoroc doesn't have to hide in this regard - quite the opposite! Sleek, elegant and in colors Aspen white and Midnight black available, the glass front and the optional, brushed stainless steel filter housing offer an aesthetic, appealing appearance through interactive lighting, which is particularly effective in upscale areas. Thanks to the elegant flush-mounted construction, the device can be used even in the smallest rooms, such as waiting rooms in medical practices or offices, without affecting the usable space and possibly blocking escape routes. All that is required for the installation is a water connection and electricity connection, but a sewage connection is recommended.

The drinking water dispenser is delivered with a water filter and without cooling. A version with cooling is available, but it must be installed separately from the device. Another advantage of Anoroc is that it can be cleaned and maintained by yourself in just a few simple steps. Just take a look at the following instructions.

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Water filter
Wall mount

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